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This is a major program to convert from GCS to WGS84 / WGS84 to GCS and UTM to WGS84. The current version of this utility can handle many different coordinate systems including UTM, NAD27 (NADCON, NAD83), NAD84, UTM Zone 18N, UTM Zone 19N, WGS84/UTM, UTM / WGS84, NAD27 / UTM, NAD27 / WGS84. Features: 1.Use CoordTrans to easily convert a variety of different coordinate formats including NAD27 (NADCON) UTM/WGS84, NAD83 UTM/WGS84, NAD27 / UTM/WGS84, NAD83 / UTM/WGS84, NAD27 / NAD83 UTM/WGS84, NAD27 / NAD83 UTM/WGS84. 2.Calculate and display a globe or map centered on a given set of coordinates. The user can select a projection on the globe and can set the CRS on the map to match the projection. 3.Convert several sets of coordinates from a file. The user can select from a variety of projections and datums. 5.Convert live coordinates from a GPS. The coordinates are passed to CoordTrans through a TCP connection. 6.Convert coordinates from the following coordinate systems and projections. 1.UTM/NAD27 (NADCON) 2.NAD27/UTM (NADCON) 3.NAD27/UTM (NADCON) 4.UTM/NAD83 (NAD83) 5.NAD83/UTM (NAD83) 6.NAD83/UTM (NAD83) 7.UTM/WGS84 (WGS84) 8.WGS84/UTM (WGS84) 9.UTM/WGS84 (WGS84) 10.WGS84/UTM (WGS84) 11.UTM/NAD83 (NAD83) 12.NAD83/UTM (NAD83) 13.NAD83/UTM (NAD83) 14.UTM/NAD84 (NAD84) 15.NAD84/UTM ( a5204a7ec7

CoordTrans offers more than 20 well-supported coordinate transformations. Convenient batch file support and output images and layers of multiple transformations offer the flexibility to quickly make changes. CoordTrans is designed to make it easy to convert between UTM, WGS84 and NAD27/NAD83, and between datums such as GRS80 and NAD27. All are supported without rate distortion as the source or target coordinate systems. The clean interface allows easy preview and editing of coordinate transformations. Coordinate conversions, including transformations of GEOGRAPHIC, TRANSFORM, and GEOMETRIC units, are provided along with their sources and targets, in addition to an extensive database of supported coordinate transformations. The major benefit of CoordTrans is that it is Java based so it's portable and cross platform. You can run it on multiple operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, or on a Mac computer. Key Features: * Transformations to over 20 coordinate systems (20 in the paid version). * Supported source and target coordinate systems, including all GEOGRAPHIC, TRANSFORM, and GEOMETRIC types. * You can work with a batch of coordinates, or convert live GPS coordinates from a file, memory, or text input. * Use CoordTrans to edit or create custom projections and datums. * Supports layered coordinate views. * Visual editor that lets you preview coordinate transformations quickly and easily. * Fully functional trial version offers a 7 day trial period. What's new Paid version includes: * 14 new transformations that are added to the database * Additional projections * Precision error limits are added to the covariance matrix * Major bug fixes and performance improvements Requirements * Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later. Download and install Java from here * Java 7 or later. Download and install Java from here * Designed for Windows and Linux OS. * You can view the picture with "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" or any image viewer. * CoordsSet displays the coordinate transformation in 3D * You can make all outputs at one click from the project files * You can edit the conversion at one click from the project files * CoordsSet generates image layers for all output transformations at one click from the project files * CoordsSet saves coordinate transformation at one click * The coordinate

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